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Pack it Light. Wear it Right: An initiative launched in 2006 to bring awareness to both parents and students about the importance of spinal care and injury prevention at all ages.

Pack it Light-Wear it Right encourages students to think twice about how much weight they have in their backpacks and how to do it and carry it correctly.


How to keep your child's backpack light.

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More Backpack Safety

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Protect your child's back with these tips.

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Think Twice. Lift Once: Spine and notably low back related injury accounts for approximately 25% of work place injury and WCB costs in Canada. Lifts and positions are only two common examples of preventable causes. When accidents do occur on the job, early return to work in less than 1 week is noted by approximately 70% of injured workers attending their family chiropractor. This RTW (return to work) demonstrates recovery of health and function, and demonstrates opportunity for lower employer assessment and related HR costs. Injured workers can contact their family chiropractic immediately when hurt on the job. Company safety officers can learn more about prevention and early treatment for return to work by contacting the BCCA about Think Twice Lift Once.


Best Worksafe Habits On The Job And Off The Job

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Are you lifting correctly?

Here's a video to make sure you're not injuring yourself.